What is a Solution?

Winning is the only Solution! That is the goal of the "Against the Spread and the Money Line" wager. 

Following 18 years of extensive real time wagering the results will work for you! Not Can, But Will! 

Regarding the Against the Spread Options the results will reward you!

Regarding the Money Line Options, yes it's different. But the risk is lower and the rewards will be greater!

But best of all, every solution will be backed by my 100% Money Back Guarantee! 

I thought I retired 5 years ago.  I got bored. I'm back and I'm Damn Good!

What is involved regarding Payments and Receiving my Solutions?

You have a huge variety of choices including every NFL game, the best NCAA Football games, NCAA Basketball games, NBA, and NHL contests. Regarding the Money Line Options you have the Platinum Option (4 Money Line solutions), the Silver Option (2 Money Line solutions), the Gold Option (1 Money Line solution), and the Futbol Option (5 Money Line solutions only for Soccer). 

Once you have paid via the Buy Now button you will be directed to a private page with my solutions for each particular Option you signed up for. You will have my answers once the payment is finalized.

What is the 100% Money Back Guarantee?

Example: You signed up for the The MNF Game Option. You will receive 2 solutions for the $100 fee. 

Out of those 2 solutions I selected 1 winner, your refund will be for the 1 incorrect solution. $50.
Net cost to you after refund would be $50.00.   

Next Example: You signed up for the Platinum Money Line Option for 4 solutions for $250. If I incorrectly selected 2 of the solutions I will refund you $125.

How will I be Refunded?

The following day I will refund you via PayPal. You will receive an email from PayPal that you have received a refund from the following: MONEYLINESO

Can I sign up for more than 1 Option?


Will I correctly select 100% of the Solutions you signed up for?

I sure hope so! Regarding the Platinum and Silver Options, I better be good.

Regarding The GOLD Option, I better be damn good!